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From Calloused Feet to Compassionate Hearts

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

My daughter has sweaty feet when she plays sports. Really really sweaty feet. Her sweaty feet then cause her to have blisters. Bad blisters. Then the bad blisters turn into calluses on her feet. We have bought all kinds of sock, feet balm, spray deodorant to decrease the sweating and relieve the pain of her blisters. Her feet are so callused, the other day we were walking on the sidewalk and she asked me to wait. She thought she had something on the bottom of her foot, yes a big ole grass sticker. OUCH! The kind that makes most kids cry in pain but not for her because she can’t feel anything on the bottom of her feet because of her callused feet. So this made me wonder... ​​​​​​​

Remember how the Isrealite's roamed the desert for 40 years, do you think their feet had calluses? In Deuteronomy 8, they are reminded of God’s faithfulness during this time. He reminds them He gave them manna and water (Ex 15,16) and their clothing did not wear out and nor did their feet swell for 40 years (Deut. 8:3-5). I am sure they had calluses but their feet did not expand in size. They were able to continue to move. Did you know when your feet swell it is a sign of other things going on in your body? It can be a sign that you have a disease, infection, blood clot or just it is your veins expanding to cool the body in hot weather.

God took care of every detail of their existence - all the way to their inward working body parts that could affect their feet swelling. Can you look back and see where Jesus was working in you during this Covid season?

In Matthew we are reminded that we are to seek His kingdom and His Righteousness and all these things will be added to you. So don’t worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6:33-34). Jesus calls us to seek the positive. Seek in this context means to look, to desire. The same meaning when the angel came to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary acknowledging they were looking, seeking with intent to find their Jesus, their Risen Messiah.

At the end of Deut 8 it says, “But you shall remember the Lord your God.” We have been through a crazy spring and summer and we all have calluses on our metaphorical feet, so when we look back at that journey are we more compassionate, more merciful and understanding moving forward. All those attributes are the opposite of callus. So as we continue to seek Him with a restored fervor because our feet did not swell (even if felt like it), let’s enjoy the journey. Let’s continue to not emotionally lose it if we get a grass sticker stuck in our foot. One of my favorite songs right now is I sing because I am happy. Youtube great! Sometimes I am not happy but I still sing it. Don’t let anything hinder you in your journey to be better moms, wife, sisters and friend to people around you. #nostickergoingtogetme #LordHearourcry #Godisgoodallthetime #YouarehereforHisGlory #seeyouonSunday

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