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Why Not Me?

Explain to me, how do you...

Open a bag of chips?

Blow dry your hair?

Paint your nails?

Roll the sleeves of your shirt?

How did you click in the carseat of your newborn baby?

Right! You are like, “That is a stupid question!”

Sure, it might be—but what if you only had one arm? Now answer those questions—not as quick on the response, huh? ;)

That is Sarah Hays. People have asked her these questions her whole life, and yet, she is still able to open a bag of chips, paint her nails, blow dry her hair

We so often see people that look different than us, born with a disability or a deficiency—and we, in our desire for a definite answer, look for why that happened to a person. Did this happen because she had a disease? Did it happen because mom abused her body when she was pregnant? So many questions.

We see in John 9, Jesus answers disciples who ask the same question about a blind man. Jesus responds to them, "You're asking the wrong question. You're looking for someone to blame. There is no such cause-effect here. Look instead for what God can do.” (The Message version). The NIV says, “so that then works of God might be displayed in him.”

Jesus knew what the disciples were thinking. He knows how we think. All of us. Even us today. He reminded them to look for what God can do with that situation. He was stretching their faith muscles. He was growing them in truth and knowledge so they would have a better understanding of Himself and God the Father.

Listen to Sarah’s story. Notice how God gave Sarah’s parents the ability to flip the narrative of why her too ‘why not her’.

What if we all lived by this narrative: Why not me, why not my kid, why not my sister, why not my husband? What if we stopped focusing on ways we are victimized by the world around us, and instead, look around to see God at work.

Open a bag of chips and enjoy Sarah’s story.

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