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So I Have A "thing"...

So I have a "thing” in my house. I am sure you have one also, a "thing”. My “thing” is I have strategically placed God’s truth all over the house. I put it in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, play rooms, etc…wherever our eyes might linger I like the truth to be. Timber the dog might have one also…

Some of them say:

Handle with Prayer

Be Strong

Give Thanks

Grace Wins

Well Done is Better Than Well Said.

The other day I was moving one of the truths to be over the toilet in the kids bathroom and my daughter asked why I was moving it. I said because your brothers are missing some good wisdom while they stand and do their business.

I know it's ridiculous right?

But we all do little things to help ourselves and the ones we love prosper in life and knowing God’s truth is a certain and better way. Your "thing" might be notes in a lunch box, timely texts of encouragement, post it notes, even pictures in remembrance of a fun time. We all have a "thing".

This morning I was reminded of another truth as I was staring at it…

Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24.

I read this sometimes and it just blends in with the wall but this morning it hit me between the eyes. Today and each day after today, the Lord continues to make the sun come up and go down until He chooses not too. Which means, He made this day that I woke up into and am I going to choose to rejoice in that occurrence and then choose to take pleasure in that emotion.

What is the “it” in this verse?

I need to know what am I going to rejoice in, what am I going to shout in exaltation. The “It” comes from verse 22-23 where it says, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” The Lord had taken the stone that the builders rejected and had marvelously made it the capstone of the nation. Jesus is the Stone and the Jewish leaders, the builders of the nation, had rejected Him. But God made Jesus the Capstone. Therefore the people should rejoice in Jesus, He is our Hope!

So for today I am, I am going to rejoice and be glad in Jesus who was sent by God. God is in control of my day, month and year. No matter what happens. Does it mean when the bottom drops out I am going to throw a fit and lose all my wits? Maybe. We are human and on a bad day I am really human. But guess what, next time I can still be bothered and upset but I move through those emotions with more ease and return to the TRUTH that the Lord made today. He made everything that is going to happen on this day for a reason. He gave us Jesus. Our hope for 2022 is in Him.

We had the great privilege on the Noisy Narrative Podcast listening to women of Frisco First and friends of ours share their stories. I know if you are still reading this then you might not be a podcast person but more of a reader. Not that podcast people aren’t readers but some get the email and click directly to the podcast - okay that is not here nor there, but I wanted to share with you, reader friends, the type of stories shared this past season. This might nudge you to listen in your car or on a walk and feel encouraged by other ladies' narratives of where their personal journeys took them, brought them through and where they are today.

We have heard from women whose stories include:

  • Adoption

  • Abortion

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Raising Children with Special Needs

  • Raising 5 kids under 5

  • Emotional Endurance from a Sport Psychologist

  • Story or Marital Abuse

  • Raising Junior High Girls

  • Connecting with Our Kids

  • Advice from a Life Coach

  • Living with a Limb Difference

  • Sweet Salvation through a sweet Friendship.

  • New Purposes after retirement

  • Growing up in Frisco and how it has changed, even at this church

After I wrote this out, I just thanked the Lord for the bravery of each one of them.

They are amazing women who have learned to cherish their scars and wounds. They discovered a purpose for the ones that stories entail suffering. Their mess has become God’s Message.

I read new book over Christmas called, The Choice by 94-year old Holocaust survivor, Dr. Edie Eger. In her book she says,” I discovered a purpose in my suffering, a sense of meaning that helped me not only to come to peace with the past but also to emerge from my trials with something precious worth sharing; a path to freedom.”

God wants His beloved’s, that is us, to walk in freedom. We hope if you are going through trial or suffering that you are able to see a glimpse of the sun from the forest. A glimpse at the end of the tunnel and know and feel God is with you. He is there! He has always been there and will always be there even when that suffering is over.

Ladies, we appreciate you. We are thankful for all your serving hearts in our church and loving each other well. Our prayer is that you see the hope given to you by God through His Jesus manifested through His Holy Spirit today! This day! This month! This Year! That He created.

See you next week at the Gathering and Bible Studies. Let’s be Women who do life in community with other Godly women. You are amazing!

Don’t forget to sign up here for our Monday, Jan. 10th, Gathering, featuring two amazing speakers on Human Trafficking and Internet safety.


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