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Cara and Cathy

The story you are about to read is strikingly similar to one you can read in the Bible. You will find that story in the book of Luke, chapter 10: verses 38 through 42. This isn't that story. This story is loosely based on that one with a lot of imagination thrown in. If you have felt guilt over being a “Martha”, I hope you'll feel loved as a “Cara”!

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"Oh God! I know it's an honor to have Jesus in my house, but all these people! Couldn't they have at least warned me that were coming? Now I have to figure out what to feed them all, and my house is a mess! Good thing I cleaned the bathroom yesterday! And what is that woman doing with that big bottle of perfume? I'll bet that lands on the carpet! Oh! I don't know which direction to run in first! Where is Cathy?”

This is what Cara found herself frantically praying on that afternoon when Jesus and a crowd of people showed up at her house. Why didn't they go into Jerusalem where there's plenty of lodging? She and her brother and sister could have met Him there. But here, now; all of them! In a flurry she was throwing various ingredients into different pots and pans, hardly knowing what she was combining or what the finished product would be. “This is crazy! Where is Cathy?”

Crash! Cara slipped on some water she had spilled and she, along with three pots and all their contents, came down in a heap! On the verge of tears, she looked up to see the back of Cathy's head. Right in front of Jesus. Sitting there like there was nothing else to do. That was too much!

“Jesus! Don't You care that my sister is sitting here while I do all the work!” Cara knew she sounded like a spoiled child, but at this point she was too angry to care!

“Cara!” Jesus called her name like one trying to gently wake a sleepwalker before they hurt themselves. “Cara, come, step outside with Me for a moment.”

“But the kitchen is a mess, and all these people, and…”, Cara sobbed as she let Jesus guide her out and onto the porch swing. But as soon as she was sitting she wanted to jump back up. Jesus! Cathy! All these people! “Don't you care?”, Cara wept.

“Cara, beloved, look at Me! You know I care. You worry about so many things! Remember when the crowd was on the hillside? No one was running about trying to prepare a meal for us all. But I fed them. I fed hundreds of them with just some left-over fish and a couple of crackers!”, Jesus said smiling, “what a great day that was!

“Listen, I know you love Me and want to use your remarkable cooking skills to please Me, and maybe to make yourself look good as well, if we're honest.” He added with a playful nudge, “but Cathy sees what's more important, and I won't take that away from her.”

Calmed down, but feeling defeated, Cara wiped her face with her apron and stood up. “I guess I have a mess to clean up. Alone,” she sighed.

“Don't worry, I'll take care of that,” Jesus soothed.

“But all those people! You're here for them! You're here for the tax frauds and, for the prostitutes!”

“Yes, I am here for the tax frauds and the prostitutes, but I'm also here for the over-busy women who think their worth is defined by their deeds.” Jesus gently lifted Cara's face until she could look into His eyes. “I'm here for you, Cara! You are precious to Me, and I am here for you. Now, come and sit down with Me. Cathy and some others have been cleaning while we've been chatting. You will find your kitchen as good as new when we are done. And no one will go away hungry. Can you trust Me in this?”

He gives her hug, and they walk back to the house. Just before they open the door, Jesus pauses. “And that perfume? Some of it will spill onto the carpet when Mary anoints Me. But don't spend time cleaning it up. Let the scent linger and let it remind you of our time together.”

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